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linepop's Journal

Naver's LINE!
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The Livejournal version of LINE is here! With community wide and personal
journal options, you can socialize smoothly and effortlessly in real-time or at your leisure with all your LINE and livejournal friends!
How to Join: You'll need the following: A livejournal username (per user) and an AIM screen name.
Reserves: Ready to join but need time to setup? Don't want someone else taking your spot in line? Not problem! You can reserve a space for 5 days. Refer to our reservations page and leave a comment stating your request. NOTE: Sorry users, no extensions will be provided.
Hiatus: Already have an active account and need to take a short vacation? Tag your post with "Hiatus Start" and upon your return, make another post informing the community members tagged, "Hiatus End" .

Drops: Contact information will be deleted from the user database and you will no long be able to access LINE via livejournal. Reregistering requires a period of 7 days before being able to be approved.
EXTRAS: 1) Additional information about stickers can be found here. 2) Accounts registered on or after the 20th are exempt from activity requirements for that month. 3) Cuts happen on _the 1st of every month.

How to register: 1) Check in our "User Database" to make sure the requested spot isn't already taken. 2) Join the community and post an intro post with the following information: journal name, AIM #, name, band/occupation, and tidbits about yourself! Please reply to the comments left on your intro to avoid registration voids.
Additional info about the Livejournal version of LINE:
- Currently only three journals per player and 1 journal per band (per player) are supported.
- Livejournal version does not support the blurring of IC/OOC lines. If you run into problems or issues with this, please contact our customer service page for help from our representatives.
- If your journal has users from other platforms friended (not found on LINEpop) please manage these doubles accordingly.

How to Delete your account: 1) Click on the termination agreement page. 2) Fill in the form. 3) You're done!
Activity Requirements: 1) Post once to the community. 2) Post twice to your journal. 3) Post once to your journal and leave at least 8 comments in separate threads around the community using stickers. 4) Participate in the our monthly icebreaker!
More info Here!